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The Not-So-Literary Heiresses (that's us!) are two sisters and their cousin who share a passion for reading. We are nieces of multi-awarded Filipino author Jose F. Lacaba and the late Eman Lacaba, who is considered the only poet warrior of the Philippines (and whose biopic is being released late this year!).

You would think being related to literary geniuses would sprinkle a little bit of writing talent and ambition our way, but one of us is a bank executive, another one is a broadcast tech on a cruise ship, and another one is in business school. The one thing we've all inherited is an undisputed love for books. This blog is our way of sharing our passion. More?

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14 November 2013

Not a book review: Typhoon Haiyan

We are Filipino bloggers. As many of you know, central Philippines was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, known locally as Typhoon Yolanda, last Friday, November 8. It was one of the fiercest typhoons in recorded history. There have been over 2,000 confirmed casualties, thousands injured, and almost half a million people displaced because their homes were blown away. Today, the Philippine government and international relief workers are still struggling to reach all of the victims to provide food, shelter, medicine, and clothing. It's not easy, because there are many islands to be reached, and many of the airports and landing pads are not operational. Roads are blocked by fallen trees, houses, overturned vehicles. Local government workers themselves have lost their homes and family members.

See photos of the aftermath here.

Of the three of us, only Buona is in Manila right now, so the best we can do is glue our eyeballs to our Facebook news feeds and keep news websites on our browsers, sending money and moral support to our friends and families who are physically helping out in the relief efforts back home, as Filipinos always do when natural calamities strike. I'm supposed to be studying for my final exams but my thoughts keep flying back to what is happening in the Philippines. On the positive side, news of help of all kinds from all over the world makes me feel that we're not alone in this, and strengthens my faith in the goodness of people. There are so many touching stories that have come out from this disaster...

Stranded tourists helping out in relief efforts in Coron, one of the islands affected:

Two cute kids in the US raising money for aid through their lemonade stand:

My favourite one was this conversation between a little girl in Saudi Arabia and her Filipino nanny, recounted by her nanny on Facebook. It made me tear up a little bit...

Lana: Ya Jo how much my one riyal in the Philippines?
Inday Jo: Maybe 11 or 12 pesos.
Lana: Really? 11 or 12 for 1 riyal? (in wonderment)
Inday Jo: Yes.
Lana: Oh, my god! The children can buy food with my one riyal?
Inday Jo: Yes, they can buy food, Lana.
Lana: Yes! Yes! (hugging her nanny) Give to the kids that I saw crying in the news Ya Jo. Yes! Yes! (jumping up and down and dancing) I'm so happy, Ya Jo, I will tell my classmate to give one riyal for you to send to the Philippines.
Inday Jo: (speechless) Thank you, Lana.
Lana: I'm a good girl now, Ya Jo?
Inday Jo: You're an angel!

Our country faces a difficult task in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. If you would like to help, there are many different ways, and I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart. Please also keep our people in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you!

DIA keeps telling herself that she got an iPad so that she can study her school readings more easily, but really, it's so she can read ebooks in bed without having to balance a laptop on her lap. She reads various genres from new adult to romances to business books. Also, she should probably tell you that she didn't manage to get through Fifty Shades, sorry.

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  1. Every single time I turn on the news and it's about this, I can't help but cry. All we can really do now is shut up and help.

  2. It's slow going because of various challenges, but I'm heartened by the fact that Filipinos and global citizens alike are all pitching in to help. We'll get through this :)

  3. I enjoy The Naturals, too! Hello, fellow fan of The Mentalist, Sherlock and Elementary! ;)

    I love Dean and Michael, although I hope she ends up with Michael because Dean sounds like he carries too much baggage. But then YA gals seem to always fall for the bad guy with the baggage, I don't know why.

    I agree, not too many hints at the killer, but I liked it that way. My fun in mystery books is quite spoiled when I figure out whodunit too early -_- Oops, nobela na, sorry :p

    Have a nice week! :)

  4. I love reading all the stories about how even the young kids are helping Filipinos. It's really heart-warming. Thanks for sharing this bit about Lana! :)

  5. Hi Goldie! Oh, I'm so happy to find a fellow fan! I really liked this new series, and actually started checking out a few of Jennifer Lynn Barnes' other books too. Please let me know if you have any other similar recommendations!

  6. Oh yep! I love books featuring kick-ass females. I love her Killer Spirits series (review on my blog)! I think you'll enjoy that too :)

  7. I haven't been active online lately because of the Typhoon. I just didn't feel like reviewing or posting anything knowing what is happening back home right now :(


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