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The Not-So-Literary Heiresses (that's us!) are two sisters and their cousin who share a passion for reading. We are nieces of multi-awarded Filipino author Jose F. Lacaba and the late Eman Lacaba, who is considered the only poet warrior of the Philippines (and whose biopic is being released late this year!).

You would think being related to literary geniuses would sprinkle a little bit of writing talent and ambition our way, but one of us is a bank executive, another one is a broadcast tech on a cruise ship, and another one is in business school. The one thing we've all inherited is an undisputed love for books. This blog is our way of sharing our passion. More?

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28 August 2013

Through Glass Cover Reveal

We are so excited to be able to bring to you the cover reveal for Rebecca Ethington’s THROUGH GLASS which releases in less than a month on September 20th, 2013.

Both the book’s cover and description are awesome and more than a little bit chilling and we cannot wait for its release.

If you’d like to know more about the author, Rebecca Ethington, be sure to check out her website, or any of the other places she hangs out online.

And if you can’t wait until September 20th for the release of THROUGH GLASS, the first book in her Imdalind series, KISS OF FIRE, is now available in eBook format for free at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE and for the KOBO.

We love the cover, but what do you think?



Everyone remembers the day the sky went black. They remember the screams as the blackness ate those who were out in the open, those who surrounded themselves by light, and those who made noise.

Everyone remembers the voice from the sky, the way food disappeared.

Everyone remembers the day the sky went black, and the sun was wiped from the sky.

At least that’s what I hope. I hope that there is an ‘everyone’ that will remember.

I hope that I am not alone.

Because I remember.

I remember, because it was the day I became alone.

It was the day the house went silent, and the birds stopped singing. It was the day when everyone disappeared, everyone except the boy, the only person I have seen in two years.

The boy I talk to through the glass.

23 August 2013

Series Spotlight: Dare Valley Series by Ava Miles

The first book in Ava's Dare Valley Series, is the story of journalist Meredith Hale and her search for her own "happily ever after", a.k.a. NORA ROBERTS LAND.

 Like her heroine, Ava Miles has always known what she appreciates the most about romance novels.  It's the affirmation of romantic love and the guarantee of a "happily ever after." Which made it all the more incomprehensible when her sister's ex-husband concluded that it was her reading Nora Roberts novels that was to blame for their divorce.  Later, Ava realized she had the hook for a new story and NORA ROBERTS LAND was born.

In the book, Meredith, a journalist, has just bought Nora Roberts' latest release.  It's the first she's picked up since her divorce.  Her New York power broker ex- husband blamed the break-up on Meredith's Nora Roberts addiction, saying it gave her unrealistic expectations of marriage.  For awhile, their messy divorce did put a damper on her dreams of happily ever after, but no more. Meredith has been asked to return home to Dare Valley, Colorado to fill in for her father at the family newspaper, and she's going with more than one agenda.  She also plans to find her own small-town Nora hero, prove that true love exists, and publish an article about her quest.
That is until her ex gets wind of it.  He's just hired war correspondent Tanner McBride for the international desk at his New York daily and needs him to take on a special assignment first.  He's to go to Dare Valley,  make Meredith fall for him and put an end to the article about love à la Nora by breaking her heart. The media mogul is sure the piece will air dirty laundry that will threaten his senate run and he wants Meredith stopped.  Tanner refuses, until blackmail changes his mind.

When the two meet, the attraction between them is undeniable.  As they work together to uncover the mystery behind the death of a family friend, Meredith, who vowed never to date another newspaper man, nonetheless begins to wonder if Tanner could be her own Nora Roberts hero. Meanwhile, Tanner, who knows he's fallen head over heels in love, is determined to thwart his blackmailer and  keep Meredith in his life.
The second book in Ava's The Dare Valley Series, FRENCH ROAST is Jill Hale and Brian McConnell's story. NORA ROBERTS LAND readers will remember Meredith's sister Jill, her popular coffee shop and her not-so-behind-the-scenes efforts to bring Meredith and Tanner together. Brian, chef extraordinaire and ex-best friend of Jill, is also back and still trying to reconnect with her.

Best friends or not, Jill totally had a crush on Brian before he left Dare Valley for the bright lights and glamour of Manhattan's top restaurants. And why wouldn’t she? He's handsome, he's hot and, P.S., as I mentioned, he can cook. Brian kept things status quo with Jill until . . . well, until he didn’t, and then he broke her heart. He's returned with no explanation, plans to stay and has his sight set on Jill. Easier said than done. That is until Jill decides to open a restaurant with Brian as chef. Pretty soon more than water is on the boil in the kitchen.

Ava Miles mixes humor and suspense in her small town tales as she brings readers stories from the heart and the promise of a happy ending.

16 August 2013

Vamps vs Zombies Giveaway Hop

Welcome to our Vamps vs Zombies Giveaway Hop hosted by My Shelf Confessions! This is a month long event celebrating all things Zombies and Vampires! Which monster reigns supreme?! The giveaway will run from August 17-31 and one winner has a chance to win their choice of one (1) paperback or eBook prize package below.

As always, you get one free entry just for being awesome visitors! To increase your chances, you can follow us via GFC, Bloglovin' and Twitter, tweet about the giveaway and comment on our blog. This giveaway is open to international readers provided that The Book Depository ships to your address for free.

As this a giveaway hop, don’t forget to check out the other blogs as well. Good luck!

12 August 2013

Cinderella Dressed in Ashes Excerpt + Giveaway

Cinderella Dressed in Ashes (The Grimm Diaries #2)
by Cameron Jace
Publication date: August 16th 2013
Links: Goodreads

Loki is controlled by the Queen through his Dreamhunter's Fleece, and he's now Snow Whit'e enemy. In another Dreamory, they learn who Cinderella really is. Where she came from, her relationship with Snow, and what her powers are.

The Second installment of the Grimm Diaries.
This Diary continues the adventure, from Snow White's POV.

08 August 2013

Tour Stop: Beautiful Series Spotlight + Giveaway

The Beautiful Series by Lilliana Anderson 

Prequel of the Beautiful Series
Release Date - July 30, 2013

Before A Beautiful Struggle, Katrina and David's friendship was a bond that couldn't be broken.

Starting with that fated moment when David carried Katrina to the emergency room, we travel back through David's memories as he waits to hear that his best friend and the one woman he truly cares for is going to survive...

“I can’t lose her. You don’t understand how important she is to me,” I ramble. I guess I’m in shock because all I can think about is the sight of all that blood over Katrina’s beautiful face. “She’s my world. I can’t lose her.”

This is book one in the novella series 'The Beauty in Between' the companion series to Lilliana Anderson's best selling 'A Beautiful' series

AVAILABLE AT:  Amazon | B&N | iTunes

05 August 2013

Series Spotlight: Zombie Fairy Tales by Kevin Richey

This month we are celebrating all things Zombie and Vampire! Which monster reigns supreme?!

I have always been a fan of both. I've been fascinated with vampires ever since I saw Tom Cruise as the villainous Lestat when I was 11. Now I know I wasn't supposed to be watching Interview with the Vampire at such a young age but I was curious about the child vampire, Claudia. My love for vampires continued on with Spike and Angel of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. See, the vampires mentioned above are awesome. In no way do they sparkle.

My first attempt of a zombie movie was the 1990's remake of Night of the Living Dead. I didn't even know that's what I was watching because I sort of just tuned in while channel surfing. That cemetery scene scared the crap out of me I turned off the TV. Afterwards I enjoyed watching my friends play Resident Evil (I was too scared to play) and the living dead just grew on me. Now I inhale everything Zombie.

That is why today I'm very excited to feature a series of short stories that is not only about zombies but fairy tale characters turned into zombies. A twisted, gruesome fairy tale zombie world. WIN.

Kevin Richey's Zombie Fairy Tales is a series of short stories set in a dark fairy tale universe plagued by zombies. Surreal and full of black humor, installments feature familiar childhood characters as they encounter a world of stark violence and horror—Cinderella is worked to death before the ball, Pinocchio is made from children's corpses, and Little Red Riding Hood finds more than wolves in the forest.

The series features overlapping elements, characters, and places for a more immersive experience for the dedicated fan, but can also be read as stand-alone entries in any order.

01 August 2013

Our July New Releases Giveaway Hop Winner!

Thank you to those who have participated in our first ever giveaway hop! We consider it a huge success and thank you for being a part of it. A winner was chosen by the Rafflecopter gods and it is no other than...Margay!

Congratulations Margay! Please respond to our email within 48 hours otherwise we would have to pick another winner. We really enjoyed hosting out first giveaway, thank you Book Twirps and Refracted Light Reviews for hosting this awesome giveaway hop.

Please check back soon for our upcoming Vamps vs Zombies Giveaway Hop!

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