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05 August 2013

Series Spotlight: Zombie Fairy Tales by Kevin Richey

This month we are celebrating all things Zombie and Vampire! Which monster reigns supreme?!

I have always been a fan of both. I've been fascinated with vampires ever since I saw Tom Cruise as the villainous Lestat when I was 11. Now I know I wasn't supposed to be watching Interview with the Vampire at such a young age but I was curious about the child vampire, Claudia. My love for vampires continued on with Spike and Angel of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. See, the vampires mentioned above are awesome. In no way do they sparkle.

My first attempt of a zombie movie was the 1990's remake of Night of the Living Dead. I didn't even know that's what I was watching because I sort of just tuned in while channel surfing. That cemetery scene scared the crap out of me I turned off the TV. Afterwards I enjoyed watching my friends play Resident Evil (I was too scared to play) and the living dead just grew on me. Now I inhale everything Zombie.

That is why today I'm very excited to feature a series of short stories that is not only about zombies but fairy tale characters turned into zombies. A twisted, gruesome fairy tale zombie world. WIN.

Kevin Richey's Zombie Fairy Tales is a series of short stories set in a dark fairy tale universe plagued by zombies. Surreal and full of black humor, installments feature familiar childhood characters as they encounter a world of stark violence and horror—Cinderella is worked to death before the ball, Pinocchio is made from children's corpses, and Little Red Riding Hood finds more than wolves in the forest.

The series features overlapping elements, characters, and places for a more immersive experience for the dedicated fan, but can also be read as stand-alone entries in any order.


On the day her father is buried, Cinderella’s stepmother forces her to wait upon her ugly stepsisters as they prepare for a frivolous ball. Poor Cinderella is literally worked to death by her in-laws, and left to die alone in the cinders. But thanks to an infection from a mysterious old woman, Cinderella is granted a chance for revenge. Soon, it will be midnight, and everyone will be washing floors – with blood.


After being infected by the zombie pestilence, Hansel and Gretel are left to die in the woods. Sick and hungry, they find their way to the home of a lonely old woman who happens to be a cannibal. But when Hansel and Gretel refuse to stay dead, the old hag finds she may have bitten off more than she can chew.


The gentle but lonely toymaker Geppetto builds the perfect companion from the corpses of children: a son who will never die. But when his creation revolts and begins a campaign of debauchery and murder upon the town's children, he fears he may have unleashed a force of evil beyond his control—The Zombie Pinocchio.


After zombie wolves attack one of her admirers, Red Riding Hood fears the woods may never be safe again. But when the man returns from the wolves' clutches with deadly new appetites, she must take a dark new path to reach her grandmother's house—a path drenched with blood.


After a peasant father sells his only daughter to a noble estate, she is thrown into a secret chamber of the castle as dinner for their undead son. But when the Beast refuses to touch her, the two form an unusual alliance that soon blossoms into something more.


Cinderella returns to continue her bloody revenge. While at the Ball, she reunites with her evil stepsisters, and discovers that the Prince has some secrets of his own that are far from charming.


When no one will buy her matches, a homeless orphan freezes to death dreaming of the life she never had. But when she reawakens as the undead, she is given another chance to set the world on fire.


Under cover of darkness, Peter Pan collects the young and innocent of the town, offering them a never-ending childhood in exchange for service in his zombie army. The desperate parents hire an outsider to eliminate the threat, but their plan backfires when the man quickly loses a hand—and gains a hook.


Tired of her life with the other swamp hags, Ariel strikes a bargain to obtain a mask so realistic she could pass for human. But can she trick anyone into marrying her before the mask deteriorates—and all without saying a word?


After the Headless Horseman kills her sister, Katrina Van Tassel suspects there might be more to the recent Sleepy Hollow attacks than a simple outbreak of the undead. She enlists the help of Ichabod Crane, the enigmatic but sensitive schoolmaster, and sets out to defeat the Horseman. But will the next head he takes be her own?


To escape the murderous Queen, Snow White must flee though the dark, zombie-infested woods. But when she locks herself in an abandoned cottage for safety, she discovers it is already the home of seven dead little children.


Ten years after the zombie plague has been contained, the noble Philip must travel into the kingdom of the dead to rescue the prisoner Aurora, who was kidnapped as a child and raised among the dead. But even if he can survive the legions of the dead, after so much time, will the princess be in any condition worth saving?



Kevin Richey lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of Zombie Fairy Tales, a monthly series of short stories set in a dark fairy tale universe plagued by zombies, and the forthcoming Unloved Ones series.

He kindly welcomes readers to become a GoodReads friend or fan. Feel free to comment with questions or requests on blog entries as well.

If you are a blogger and would like a review copy, please write to All reviews are appreciated.

You hear AMIR'S name and you will probably think of a big guy with a mustache. She's not a guy. And (hopefully) does not have a mustache. Despite having traveled 18% of the world, books will always be her greatest escape.


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  1. Wow, these sound pretty interesting and freaky!

    1. I've read Zombie Cinderella and it was disgustingly awesome. Some parts honestly made me wince at the gore and brutality. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series!

  2. Okay, I admit that I scrolled down immediately after seeing the covers. too creepy.

    I have no idea how you lived with reading those books! How did you even sleep?

    1. Haha I've only read the first one but zombie books tend to be more gruesome than creepy. I can read blood and gore anytime, it doesn't scare me although sometimes it might disturb me. Creepy though is another matter, I can't read a creepy ghost story at night, imagination will run wild in the dark!


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