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The Not-So-Literary Heiresses (that's us!) are two sisters and their cousin who share a passion for reading. We are nieces of multi-awarded Filipino author Jose F. Lacaba and the late Eman Lacaba, who is considered the only poet warrior of the Philippines (and whose biopic is being released late this year!).

You would think being related to literary geniuses would sprinkle a little bit of writing talent and ambition our way, but one of us is a bank executive, another one is a broadcast tech on a cruise ship, and another one is in business school. The one thing we've all inherited is an undisputed love for books. This blog is our way of sharing our passion. More?

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21 October 2013

Mine To Hold Book Blast + Giveaway

Series: Mine, #3
Release Date: October 21, 2013
Genre: Romantic Suspense

She was one man’s obsession…
Nine years ago, Claire Kramer’s lover brutally killed her family, and he tried to kill her. She escaped, but she’s been haunted ever since that attack. Too afraid to trust another man and too worried that her past will catch up with her, Claire never gets too close to anyone. But then she meets Noah York.

He must have her.
Noah York is a man with secrets. The world sees him as a billionaire hotel tycoon, but Noah has a dark and dangerous side. For years, he worked covert military operations before he built his fortune. When it comes to death, Noah is a master. He knows that he should steer clear of Claire, but the white-hot attraction Noah feels for the delicate beauty is instant—and consuming.

He will never let her go.Someone else is just as consumed by Claire—someone who will kill to possess her. And if Noah can’t stop the hunter in the darkness, he may just lose the one woman that he can’t live without.

Author’s Note: MINE TO HOLD is a dark and sexy romantic suspense novel. It contains a twisted killer, a hot hero, and a heroine who has been pushed to the edge. Adult language and sexy situations are included. Please consider yourself warned. 

USA Today Best-selling author Cynthia Eden has written over twenty-five novels and novellas. She was named as a 2013 RITA® finalist for her paranormal romance, ANGEL IN CHAINS, and, in 2011, Cynthia Eden was a RITA finalist for her romantic suspense, DEADLY FEAR.

Cynthia is a southern girl who loves horror movies, chocolate, and happy endings.  She has always wanted to write (don’t most authors say that?), and particularly enjoys creating stories about monsters–vampires, werewolves, and even the real-life monsters that populate her romantic suspense stories.
Cynthia’s foreign sales for her books include translations to Japan, Germany, Thailand, Greece, and Brazil.

(Back in the day…) Cynthia graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Alabama where she studied Sociology (because people interest her) and Communication (because she likes to write about said people).  Cynthia has worked as a college admissions counselor, a teacher, and as an editor. But now, Cynthia is thrilled to be spending her days making up stories.

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  1. Ooohh thanks for reviewing the book. I like these kinds of books. And male POV? And road trip? Win!

  2. You definitely have the same taste in books as my cousins Dre :)
    And yes, I too have been through my Dystopian phase!

  3. My review of this book coming up soon! 4.5 Stars!

  4. I'd like to think I read all kinds of books, but sometimes covers put me off, or it's too adult for my taste, or there are mermaids. I'd like to think I'm well-read, but some would say, you'd have to read the classics to be counted as one.

  5. yeah, I don't believe that..but then again, I don't read a lot of classics so I may be biased. I think we read enough books to try out different things..but I do agree that I too have certain subject matters that I stay away from.

  6. I ain't so sure if this book would appeal to me given that it's about art and music. I am more of a science geek but this one makes me think to start exploring the subject. I love reading books whose plot are relationship driven.

    I can't help it but relationship driven stories always give me a lot of feels. But I still have to think if I am going to snuggle with this one.

  7. I love a good road trip romance and the cover is so cute! Colby sounds like an interesting guy, especially with the story told from his POV. I often confuse Robin Hood and Peter Pan's outfits too lol. I think it has more to do with their similar taste in hats though for me =)

  8. I think The Disenchantment is so freaking amazing. I like the story so much. I wasn't freaking prepared. I think it's nearly freaking perfect.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books

  9. Great review Buona! Here's mine if you don't mind:

    Thanks and have a nice day! :D

    **I really love the story behind not-so-literary-heiresses, you girls are awesome**


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